Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Stopping in Quinter

   We took a quick pit stop in Quinter, KS at a local hardware store where we met the father of our fellow seminarian, Dcn. Luke Thielen, of the diocese of Salina, KS. (That is Mr. Thielen on the far left.) The quaint town had a soda fountain, where we could order drinks obscure to anyone in our era. Among the beverages ordered were chocolate Cokes, peach sodas, vanilla Dr. Peppers, Cherry Phosphates (look it up), and dill pickle-hot sauce milkshakes (drank by none other that Joe Paddock himself. Just kidding no one ordered that. Gross.) The employees in the store were very hospitable and kind, especially Kay (2nd on the left), the maker of our drinks! The wooden facade you see in the background was made in New York in 1904. It was a beautiful work, but even more beautiful were the encounters with those the Lord had placed before us, ordinary as they may have seemed.

   After we gassed up and headed east, the bus settled down for a holy hour and a Divine Mercy Chaplet. Right as the prayer hour ended we saw a sign promoting Divine Mercy on the road side. We took this as providence to pray our chaplet, and wouldn't ya know it, as we ended the chaplet we saw another Divine Mercy sign on the roadside.

    The Lord continues to guide us through Kansas. The destination is not the only part of this pilgrimage, but everything in between as well. God is showing us His providence and presence moment to moment, never leaving our side. Right now, Ollie, Andy, and Mike are playing trick-shot basketball on the mini-hoop in the back of the bus. Everything is moving along and shaping up well. Till next time!


  1. God bless you crazy guys! This looks like the kind of thing that I would have spearheaded in seminary, but would have gotten me in trouble.
    Hopefully you can garner more positive attention for the Church as the "Sems on the Bus" than the Nuns on the Bus. Theirs was fancier, though, if I recall...

  2. SY Helena BROCHACHOS and Jonathan (future Helena Bro)September 23, 2015 at 7:34 PM

    Looks like you are all having a blast... while us SY guys are holding down the fort here in Denver. Praying for you all, say hello to Papa Francis for us!! We have some questions: 1) who filmed the bomb video? 2)whats the orange bucket in the back for? 3) How is a dill-pickle Hotsauce milkshake like the spiritual life (feel free to bring in Fr. Marc on this one if needed). Also, to calm your fears, Fr.Thermos did give us permission to use the internet for this! :) Hashtagbustrip HashtagHelena Hashtag:Tyler'sbeard HashtagBlessed