Tyler Frohlich

Hello, my name is Tyler Frohlich and I am a second year seminarian studying in 1st Philosophy at St. John Vianney in Denver. I hail from the beautiful city of Billings, MT. I was born in Bozeman, MT and moved around as a kid to places like Harrisonburg, VA and Spokane, WA before moving back to Montana at the age of 8. I began attending Catholic school in the 3rd grade and never turned back. My call and conversion began at Billings Central Catholic HS and grew and flourished at Carroll College. I graduated with a degree in History and a minor in Theology from Carroll in 2012. After that I spent a year as a campus ministry intern with Fr. Marc Lenneman, Katie Murray, and Dan Thies. After a pilgrimage to France, highlighted by a trip to visit my favorite saint, St. Therese of Lisieux, a year of working in the oil industry, and a quick 5 month trial move to Phoenix, AZ, I answered the call to go to the seminary. God has healed, blessed, and brought joy to my heart in this way of life and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Thank you for your prayers and be assured of mine on this beautiful pilgrimage to Philly!


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