Monday, October 5, 2015

Final Reflection: Oliver

Hey Everyone,

Here are the final reflection of Oliver Santin:

A lot has happened these past few days and it will take a while to process it all; I would like, however, to share a few simple reflections. 

As we prepared to embark on this epic expedition I found myself most excited about the idea of sharing this experience with my good friends, my brother seminarians; affectionately known as, “The Helena Boys”.  As we walk together on this journey toward the priesthood I find myself more and more grateful for these men who strive to give their lives completely in love to Love.  As we undergo this endeavor I see more clearly the importance of this gift of brotherly love, which the Lord has blessed us with.  What an incredible opportunity these last few days have been for us to grow closer to each other and, through each other, to the Lord. 

So in one word I would say I am grateful.  I am grateful to my Helena Boys for their love and for their example of striving for holiness.  I am grateful for all of you, our supporters, for all your prayers and all the ways you have and continue to support us in our desire to serve the Lord whole-heartedly.  Lastly and most especially, I am grateful to the Lord, to Him who is Love and Goodness; and who has given and daily gives us all.   

Know of our prayers for you all and please continue to pray for us; beg the Lord to make us His holy priests.


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