Kirby longo

When I was 16 years old, so sure of my future, the Catholic Church was nowhere on my horizon. I was raised in a great Methodist Church in Billings, Montana. My parents instilled in me a solid faith in Christ, something for which I am grateful. As was a tradition in my family, I was sent to Billings Central Catholic School, and it was there I came to love Christ in the Church, particularly in the sacraments. 

I went on to pursue a history degree Carroll College following my conversion; there I came to discern more seriously a possible vocation to the priesthood, encouraged by God's work in my family- all of whom have come into the Church in the past few years. My journey with Christ has been wild and full of grace. I am a year out from Deaconate ordination and I have never been more joyful and at peace with God's plan for my life!
Me and Mount Andrew (Nistler- a New Helena Boy) ridin' in Fruita

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