Aidan Toombs

My vocation story can really be summed up in one word: “Eucharist.” The Eucharist has been the force driving my vocation since my first Mass, which I attended as a Protestant at the age of 12. That life-changing experience stuck with me, that encounter with Christ in the flesh. The Eucharist is what drew me to embrace my Christian faith as an adult after many years away from the Lord, to convert to Catholicism, and ultimately, to discern a call to the priesthood, to be a minister of the Eucharist.

In answering this call to the priesthood I left my career as a lawyer, and friends and family to enter the seminary at Mount Angel for the diocese of Helena this August. The blessings I’ve received already in these few weeks are too many to count. I am deeply grateful for the support of the diocese, and especially Bishop Thomas of course, which is paving the way for this vocation.

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