Deacon Cody Williams

Deacon Cody Williams

Although most bios begin by stating the bare facts of who someone is, I want to start from a different perspective, my ordination. On June 26th, 2015, this year, I was ordained to the diaconate, or transitional diaconate, which means that I am in transition to ordination to the priesthood. The last eight years of life have been colored by the one event and the simple question asked by a priest my senior year of high school: have you ever thought about becoming a priest? That simple questions has lingered and persisted to bother me since the moment he asked me that question. When running away ceased to be a viable option, I plunged into the void which is seminary formation. After giving myself to the rigors of seminary formation for five years, I was recommended for orders and ordained a deacon. Life as a deacon made all the work worth the struggle. My life is now speckled with the joy of celebrating baptisms, weddings, and funerals; challenged by the stress and joy of preaching Jesus Christ, the one crucified for us, at masses; and the great blessing of living out the service God intended for me. Only nine more months until ordination to the priesthood and my new life in full, active ministry.

Now the background. I grew up in Beaverton, Oregon with my parents and my younger sister. My childhood was consumed with Boy Scouts, camping trips, hikes, and music – marching bands, concert bands and orchestras, not rock bands. After graduating from Sunset High School, I ventured off into the Big Sky County of Montana where I attended the University of Montana. Eagerly starting with a double degree in Wildlife Biology and Plant Sciences, my ambitions quickly dissipated as the question of a possible call to the priesthood debuted its center stage performance. I graduated with a degree in biology emphasizing plant sciences, a passion of mine since early childhood. After spending a year working as a field botanist and grocery clerk, I abandoned the lucrative life as a grocery clerk (pseudosarcasm, I made decent money and was almost promoted) and entered seminary.

I am excited for this trip to Philadelphia yet nervous for what challenges may arise. This is the first time I will have attended a papal event, which adds to the excitement. Please pray for me both on this trip and as I near ordination to the priesthood. Many people discredit the power of prayer, but I can attest that I certainly did not make it this far on my own will power. Peace be with all of you.

Here I am on the bus with the other Helena seminarians. .

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  1. I wonder what the Helena Boys were doing in Denver last week. My husband was praying in his Jeep across the street from Planned Parenthood when you all arrived. He watched you walk around the building praying the rosary, then kneel and pray before scampering back on the bus and driving off unceremoniously. During this time a girl drove in the parking lot of Planned Parenthood, parked the car but never got out, then drove out a few minutes later without ever entering the building. Praise God! Just wanted you to know how valuable your stop was. Bless you all and thank you for being the Warriors we need. Many blessings on your journey to Priesthood.