Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Pregame photo

The pregame photo with the Helena Boys, who are studying at Saint John Vianney Seminary in Denver, CO, standing with the new Totus Tuus Mariam bus. In this picture are (from left to right) Oliver Santin, Michael Dirkson, Dcn. Andy Morrow, Tyler Frohlich, Kirby Longo, and Dcn, Bryce Lungren.

Soon to be added to the crew from Mt Angel Seminary in Oregon are Aidan Toombs, Joe Paddock, and Dcn. Cody Williams.

Soon the adjustments to our road vehicle will be complete and we can begin our journey to the East. May God grant us a safe journey.

For those who are reading this blog, please pray for us on our journey and feel free to comment if you wish for more details.


  1. God bless you! Be Safe! Say hi to THE POPE from all of us in Montana!

  2. You are in the prayers of Councils 10432 of Belgrade and 1413 of Bozeman MT. Enjoy this incredible experience

  3. Mike and Barb wenzelSeptember 19, 2015 at 8:45 AM

    Our prayers are for you and for Pope Francis as he visits our country. So glad you have the opportunity to see the Pope!

  4. Thank you for asking for our prayers on this special journey. Great name for the bus...and an awesome picture. May all your Guardian Angels keep you safe.
    I have three special intentions; a prayer of thanksgiving for our daughter, Megan, along with continued prayers for her health and soul.
    May God bless each of you and the lives you touch.

  5. Save travels across the country! My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. I cannot wait to see all of you in Philadelphia!

  6. Your fearless leader has just arrived in D.C. Be watching for him in the crowd of Bishops as they celebrate the day tomorrow with Pope Francis! Joanna

  7. Prayers for your safety and the working of the Holy Spirit be with you!
    Janet and Don Kinstetter

  8. Saw Pope Francis as he arrived in D.C. and I got chocked up.
    My prayers are for all of you. Safe journey.

    Marie Hankins/MT