Monday, September 28, 2015

Back on the Bus

Here we are, a third of the way back on our return trip home.  All is going well.  We departed at 5am, stopped for coffee and fuel then hit the open road.  Our first major stop was Pittsburg where we went to noon Mass at Duquesne University.  Afterwards, Joe met up with an old buddy of his and we restocked on food for the alight journey that lies ahead of us.  Right now we in Wood County Ohio, near Toledo.  The plan, roll through to South Bend, Indiana, offer up a few Hail Mary's at the grotto of Notre Dame then continue trucking.  We need to be back at the Denver Airport by 7pm Tuesday night when the Mount Angel boys fly back.  Our brother Adain had planned all along to fly back from Philly so he stayed behind. This pic is of the remaining Helena Boys: Kirby driving; Joe and Tyler playing Cribbage; Andy, Cody, Mike, and Ollie playing Rummy; Me, just hanging out. Peace

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