Monday, September 28, 2015

The Final Countdown!

Praised be Jesus Christ! We are on our way back to Denver after the great Philadelphian triduum. Kirby and I will do our best to fill you in on yesterdays closing events.

We were finally able to sleep in yesterday as the papal mass wasn’t until 4 pm. However, our three holy deacons had to hit the road early to register as Eucharistic Ministers after hearing security would be horrendous. We hit Molly Malloy’s in the Reading Terminal for breakfast (if you ever go to Philly, go here. One of the best places in the city). Joe Paddock had to go on a journey for his coveted cheese steak sandwich, earning him the nickname “Cheesesteak” from our waitress, Claire, a true Philadelphian. A very generous couple covered our meal, one of God’s many blessings on this trip. I haven’t experienced such incredible generosity in a single place in my life.

 We met Mike downtown selling peaches out of a trench coat. He suspiciously told us he was taking his mother and sister to the train station, but who knows what he was up to.  Further on we were met with resistance from some folks with different views. Ollie was told that, “the wrath of God” was upon him. However, the Lord sent us a wonderful woman named Tanya, a police officer working the event. She asked to take a photo with us and then we were able to pray over her and with her. What a wonderful joy it is to be with our Christian brothers and sisters.

2 Million estimated by Dcn. Andy Marrow
We finally made it through security and into the mass ground. God was providing, as many people spent hours in the security line for the mass while we spent 5 minutes getting through. We posted up in front of a big screen and waited for mass to start. While doing this, we met Theresa, a volunteer for the event, who next week will be visiting Whitefish! We chatted for awhile and then prayed daytime prayer with her.

The mass began, it was a beautiful witness to the power of Christ. In our area alone, there were an estimated 20, 000 people. Most powerful was kneeling before the consecration with millions of others. At that moment- Dignum et justum est- Christ was the center of the world.

The Pub of Penn Valley. Boom.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to receive communion due to the crowds, however spiritual communion bears fruit in these circumstances. After this, we all headed down to the Penn Valley Pub for one last hurrah. Patrick served us again as we relaxed and praised God for the graces of our trip. After that we headed back to the monastery and packed up. We got a few hours of shuteye and here we are! There will be a few more posts coming today after digesting some of the graces we received these past days so keep your eyes peeled. Thank you for your continued intercession and please keep up the prayers as we head back to share our grace with you all!

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